IMG_1253-1My Bikram Yoga practice began as a journey for me to change how I live in my body with the world around me. I lived a life of self-sabotage through my own words and self-destructive behaviors. This practice has changed my perspective of how I treat myself. Since the relationship with myself has evolved, it has in turn transformed the way I relate to things outside of myself. I now experience more intimate, healthy and authentic relationships with the people around me.

One of the many things Bikram Yoga has taught me is that I cannot control my surroundings only how I react. Stepping outside of my comfort zone has enabled me to tap into many parts of myself – exploring who I am and the kind of person I want to become. The more I practice, the more I grow. Bikram Yoga is responsible for bringing my inner strength and self-confidence to the surface.

I took my first Bikram Yoga class Spring break of my final semester of college in 2014. After graduation, I moved home and the rest is history! I went to BYTT Fall 2015 in Thailand. I returned home to Long Island, New York to teach my first few classes. Seeking mentorship I moved to Connecticut and began teaching full-time. I recently traveled to California to really kick off my journey as a traveling teacher. Forever fascinated by the magic of Bikram Yoga – I’m excited to see how I grow as a teacher and also as a student.

I am passionate about Bikram Yoga and it’s healing benefits. I hope to encourage others to discover the possibilities and hidden potential this yoga reveals!