What motivates me? The happy smiling faces I see in my students every time they reach a milestone in their practice and they share how the yoga is transforming their life, to see the student’s happiness is priceless.

I was born in El Salvador and grew up in Germany, I have lived most of my adult life here in California and could not picture myself living anywhere else. I am the first Bikram Yoga teacher in the world to graduate from my little country of El Salvador and I hope someday El Salvador will have a Bikram yoga studio too.

This yoga came to me as a gift from my best friend. I took my first Bikram Yoga class approximately 6 years ago in San Jose and I was hooked immediately. I started this practice with severe neck spine and shoulder injury from a previous heavy car accident, the doctors recommended surgery but I refused and I threw myself with complete faith into this yoga practice. My life completely transformed!

I graduated in the spring of 2010 in Las Vegas and started teaching immediately, my passion for this yoga is based on the results I see in myself, healing my neck spine, and I feel physically, mentally and emotionally stronger. I believe 100% on the healing aspects of this yoga method and believe that with a regular disciplined practice and faith the path of life can be completely changed to a more vibrant, meaningful and healthy life.

I feel very fortunate to have had the experience to teach at Bikram Yoga Pleasanton for Troy Myers and Aiko Nakasone; amazing senior teachers who continually challenge and mentor me. I have also done guest teaching in Rome, Italy and in Basel, Switzerland. My learning experience of this practice is never ending with continuous education through seminars, lectures and volunteering at Teacher Training I keep challenging my mind and body. I feel very grateful to be part of Bikram Yoga Tracy and to the owners, my friends Tom and Jonalyn Henle for bringing this beautiful studio to the Central Valley.

We are truly blessed, thank you.

Amor y luz