Colleen Spencer



I was interested in yoga for a long time but didn’t do anything more than a few videos at home. I’d heard all about how great it would be for my back and my knees, that it helps with stress and anxiety. It sounded great but I didn’t have the motivation to really give it a chance. Then I went to my first Bikram class. I fell in love. It was the hardest I had ever pushed myself. I had never experienced anything quite like it. I didn’t throw my back out anymore. My knee was in better shape than it had been in years. My stress became more manageable. After a year, I decided to go to Bikram teacher training to learn more about yoga and share this practice I love so much. I ended up attending training about 6 months later and graduated in Fall 2013. Since then, I have taught at multiple studios in California. I have also gone to training  for teaching yin and vimana yoga.