Amy Iyall


I was introduced to Bikram yoga by a good friend in November 2005. I was looking for a different style of exercise other than the gym. Little did I know that it would change my life.

Bikram yoga became more than a way to sweat and burn calories. The 90 minutes felt like a much overdue therapy session! The strength and clarity I gained empowered me in a way that allowed me to make great life-changing decisions.

After a couple years of practicing Bikram yoga I wanted to grow my understanding of the practice and in 2008 I attended teacher’s training in Acapulco, Mexico. Upon my return home, I took ownership of the Orinda studio. Sadly, it closed in 2010 and I shifted my energy to teaching full time at the studios in Walnut Creek and San Ramon.

It’s a great honor to teach Bikram yoga. I feel very lucky to spend my day putting time and energy into something I truly enjoy and believe in.